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Illuminating the Future: Crafted Climate Partners with Voltaic Systems

In an exciting new chapter for environmental innovation, Crafted Climate / Afrilogic Solutions is thrilled to announce our official partnership with Voltaic Systems, a leading provider of high-efficiency solar panels and solar energy solutions. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in our journey towards creating sustainable and accessible air quality monitoring solutions.

Voltaic Systems, known for its commitment to powering innovation with solar energy, will supply Crafted Climate with solar panels. These panels will play a crucial role in enhancing our environmental sensors’ energy efficiency and sustainability, enabling us to further our mission under the sun’s generous rays.

Moreover, Voltaic Systems is facilitating connections with esteemed researchers working on open-source air quality monitoring. This presents an invaluable opportunity for knowledge exchange and technological advancement in our quest for cleaner air.

As we integrate Voltaic Systems’ solar panels into our designs and recognize them on our partner list, we look forward to a bright future of innovation, collaboration, and impact. Together, we are set to harness the sun’s power to monitor and improve air quality, making strides towards a healthier planet for all.

Join us in celebrating this partnership as we continue to innovate and drive positive change in environmental monitoring. Stay tuned for updates on our progress and the transformative projects this collaboration will bring to light.


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